MRSA…if I had it

I’ve been getting inquiries from people – mostly colleagues -asking me what I recommend. Not that I am an expert in this field, because I’m not – but I have a high interest level, have had professional experience with it – have done some research – and I have an informed opinion. 

Now, mind you, my colleagues are already holistically oriented and we know about the power of natural cures – and how safe they are.

I attended a convention last year that presented research on an essential oil blend that completely eradicated MRSA in the petrie dish.  This is very promising.

I want to present some of those findings here on this blog, but I want to make sure it is okay with the researcher, so I have a call into her now.

Meanwhile – you might be reading this and saying “how come this information isn’t out there on this research if it is so effective?”

Well, if you are new to the alternative medicine and wellness movement you will find this question comes up alot.  The only answer that I can provide is that mostly all of the research that is done out there and available is done by the pharmaceutical companies themselves.  They are the ones that can afford to do it and afford to advertise it.

It makes sense that they would not research anything that is a natural and competitive product, which essential oils are.

For those of you who are my colleagues that know what I am talking about here – the essential oil blend that is most effective is RC.

For those of you who are not my colleagues and have no idea what I am talking about, and you would like further info – post a comment here and we can be in touch.

Meanwhile – how would I use RC?  If I had any cuts or openings in the integument of my skin – I would line the perimeter with RC.  I would also wear RC throughout the day on different points of my body – and I would line my nostrils with it too.


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