MRSA: Essential Oils Have Been Found to Kill Deadly MRSA

This is the title of a report that I found in my files from December 2004 (yes, I have been following this issue since then and longer). 

It comes from the University of Manchester.  They were onto this a long time ago. 

Faculty member, Peter Warn, worked on the research that found that essential oils can combat this problem.  He says:  ‘We believe that our discovery could revolutionise the fight to combat MRSA and other `super bugs’. 

He also comments as to why this information is not accessible to more folks.  This is the bottom line reason and, in my opinion, it is very sad. To think that we have answers to this problem but people are not getting access to this information because traditional information pathways that speak to physicians, health care systems, insurance companies, and consumers (via the media) are initiated through the drug companies.
Since they (Big Pharma) can’t make any money on this (they can’t patent a natural substances) then the info doesn’t get out there (Research is typically funded, and television ads are paid for by the pharmaceutical companies).

This is what Peter Warn said about research: ‘We are having problems finding this funding because essential oils cannot be patented as they are naturally occurring, so few drug companies are interested in our work as they do not see it as commercially viable.   Obviously, we find this very frustrating as we believe our findings could help to stamp out MRSA and save lives,’ added Peter, who is based at Hope Hospital.

 Click here for more info on this


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