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October 22, 2007



MRSA and How To Prevent It

October 21, 2007

Prevention of MRSA is easier than you think.


As a former Intensive Care Unit nurse I do have respect for the virulence of these bacteria and other micro-organisms that are not responding to antibiotics, but I also know that we can outsmart these resistant bugs.

This might sound silly but it can be simple!

If we think about the condition in which they like to live and grow – and then we think about the conditions in which they do not like, in which they die – then we all we have to do is create the condition in which they cannot live.

For example, pathogenic (that means disease causing) bacteria LOVE to live and thrive in an environment that is devoid of 0xygen, is dark and moist, and is highly acidic (ph-wise) – for example. . .let’s take a patient in the hospital who has an open wound or a surgical incision – that is a culprit area.

Or, let’s take a soccer field or football field – an open cut under a bandaid or even just the mucous membranes up the nostrils – that lead to the sinus areas – all dark moist areas. These, too, are culprit areas.

What we want to do is to protect these areas – and with certain natural measures we can do at home – we can adjust those environments so that they are not as inviting to these bad bacteria such as MRSA.

Typically, the medical trend has been to prescribe what is called “prophylactic antibiotics” – that means giving antibiotics preventatively. But since that is what got us in trouble in the first place, my personal feeling as a nurse (and I NEVER tell anyone to take – or not to take – their medications because I am not a medical doctor and I do not prescribe) is that I would stay away from any doctor who suggests taking antibiotics but to naturally build up defenses so that our bodies have strong enough immune systems to “create that environment” where these bad guys can’t live.

There are many ways to “create this environment” and future posts will elaborate on these.  But for now I will list them:

–Keep the body in an alkaline environment

We can do this with food – what we eat and what we don’t eat

–Populate the digestive system with good bacteria

Take probiotics at least once or twice a day.  Eat yogurt – preferably without sugar.

–Wash hands often throughout the day with hot soapy water.

Do not use antibacterial soap (as strange as that may sound). This whole    anti-bacterial thing is out of control – we need good bacteria to protect us from the bad bacteria!

–And most importantly the use of therapeutic essential oils can prevent and eradicate MRSA.  I know that is a strong statement – but there is research that I will be sharing in my upcoming posts on what and how to use.

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October 21, 2007

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